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Northern Mindanao (Region 10) > Camiguin > Catarman > Catarman Coral Dive Resort

Catarman Coral Dive Resort

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Catarman Coral Dive Resort


Punta Puti

9104 Catarman


Northern Mindanao (Region 10)


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Number Of Rooms:

Not available

Accommodation type:


Date added:

03/26/11 0:00 midnight (UTC)

Last updated:

05/17/11 0:00 midnight (UTC)

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Comments about Catarman Coral Dive Resort


November , 1999 0:00 midnight

Hi everyone glad to be at this forum.

Jeniffer jean Go Arenas

November , 1999 0:00 midnight

we stayed here for 3 nights and 3 days, the place was awesome i should say and the staff was very accomodating and very warm, they always tend to our needs in the resort. The mayor of CATARMAN camiguin ( Mayor Botoy Jacot) always comes to this place and i thought that this place must be that good co'z he was always there but sad to say the mayor of catarman was always there just to get drunk almost everynight he must be a habitual drinker but had no problem with it until he tried to harrassed the son of my cousin to think that he harassed a child and my son was also there to and he pointed my husband as if it was pointing a criminal while my husband was easting and to think he didn't even try to approach him in a nice manner while his friend told my husband to go back to his room co'z he might to do something to my husband. I knew of this incident the next day and to think the mayor is a a good friend of my aunt and he did that to us, what more can he do for a guest a visitor or even a no one for that instance. It made me think that the island itself is a paradise but the people in it are from hell to even harrass children. To the owner of coral dive Mr. roldan, please do something about this, I'm the grand daughter of Mrs. Seria Uy, niece of Mrs/ Leona Bala and Mrs. Lina Luy and daughter of Mrs. Melinda Uy Go. please do something about this before anyone is hurt at your resort. thanks.

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